Ground Turkey Chili with Beans

Ingredients: Ground turkey, diced tomato (vine-ripened fresh tomatoes, tomato juice, calcium chloride, and naturally derived citric acid), pinto beans (prepared pinto beans, water, salt, calcium chloride, and calcium disodium EDTA for color retention), onion, tomato puree (vine-ripened fresh tomatoes, tomato juice, salt, calcium chloride, naturally derived citric acid), green peppers, kidney beans (prepared dark red kidney beans, water, sugar, salt, calcium chloride, disodium EDTA added for color retention), tomato paste (vine-ripened fresh tomatoes, naturally derived citric acid) , canola oil, garlic, salt, chili powder (sweet Ancho Chili pepper, cumin, garlic, powdered Mexican oregano, red pepper, cayenne pepper), spices