The history of the soup market

Dave Jurena and Tim Talsky first opened The Soup Market in Bay View during the winter of 2004, primarily as a wholesale producer of soups under the former name The Soup Kitchen. It has grown over the past eleven years into five restaurants across the greater Milwaukee area. You can also find us at farmer’s markets and charity events throughout the year.

When we started, 20-30 gallons a day was a big day for us. Now, we don’t break a sweat at the 200 gallon mark, and we continue to build new customer relationships each day on both the individual and wholesale level.

The one thing that hasn’t changed in all of these years is our commitment to being the best we can at what we do. Rising to this standard means taking the time to simmer our stocks, made from fresh beef, poultry, vegetables, and herbs. Making stock is a truly nuanced craft that takes time, knowledge, and patience. Thank you to all of our loyal customers who have been part of our journey, we look forward to delivering you quality food for years to come.

Haley & Annabelle's Vanilla Root Beer

Haley & Annabelle’s Vanilla Root Beer is made by my two daughters and me. The proceeds go towards paying their future college expenses. Haley is currently 18 and finishing her senior year of high school, and Annabelle is 13 years old. You can find our root beer at all 5 of The Soup Market’s locations, or order directly from us by the case. So far the girls have sold over 40,000 bottles.

The vanilla is actual vanilla extract, not artificial extract like some sodas on the market, and it makes a really great root beer float. We introduced our diet vanilla root beer in the fall of 2010 thanks to The Coca Cola Company. They made a generous contribution to the girls to help grow their business. Thank you Coke!

– Dave Jurena